Angled Views

This is an original post by The Animaster in 2004

Angled Views This is the trickiest part of drawing: Angled views and Positions. In doing so, you’ll need to know the relation between the anime character, and it’s ‘axis lines’. All characters, boy and girl, and even abominations, have some sort of axis lines behind the position they are standing, sitting or viewed in. This tutorial will show you those basic lines, and some examples on how to draw ‘onto’ them.
Basically, the ‘axis lines’ make up a stick figure of the character. So if your good at drawing stick drawings, then you’ll be good at this.The first line you should start with is the head. Simple. Just draw an oval like so. In angled views, however, make this oval sort of taper toward the area where the chin is (see example #3). Doing so will give you more perspective when you draw the face.
Next, draw the body axis line. This is just a plain straight line, unless you want your character to look as if it’s slouching, because even if you want your character to be bending, this line will remain almost straight (unless it’s a gymnast), and the bend occurs at the other end of this line.
Draw the shoulder line. This is actually a narrow oval, because you don’t want your character to look flat. This will give your character some depth. Now this oval isn’t just flatly pasted onto the body line. To look at it, see the the body line as going through the center of the oval.
Draw the leg lines. Now these aren’t just straight lines. If the character is bending it’s knees somewhat, these lines would break off sharply (see example #1). End these two (or four) lines with a short line pointing in the direction the feet would be pointing.
Draw the arm lines. Each line is composed of two line segments, just like in the leg lines. The first segment is the upper arm segment, which starts at one end of the shoulder line and ends a little above the level where the body line ends. The second segment branches from this one and ends near the mid section of the upper leg line segment (alloting space for the hands).
EXAMPLE 1This example clearly shows how bent the elbows and knees are. Both lines are made of two segments, and the second segment of each always comes sharply off the other. Notice the angle the shoulder oval is at and how it disappears behind the head oval.
EXAMPLE 2This example shows the shoulder oval overlapping the head oval. This means that the head will be partly obscured from vision by the body. This is why the shoulder oval can be so important in angled views.
EXAMPLE 3This example shows how you should taper the head oval when drawing angled views. It gives you more perspective over your character’s position. A view like this is oftenly crummy though, and even I don’t like drawing anime in near-top views like this.


Girls Head (Front)

    This is a quick way to draw a girl’s head. The girl here is someone between 14 to 20 years old. Younger anime girls have wider cheeks, and usually larger eyes. But I guess the majority of you guys and gals would probably want to draw teenagers, right? Afterall… it is the most shapely thing to draw. 
     First, draw the face lines. I usually start with the left, going to the right. Start by drawing a slightly curved line down, then, slightly halfway down the estimated height of the face, make another, steeper curved line inwards to the center of the face. 

     From the bottom (chin), start another curved line up. This will complete the chin, but not the full side of the face. The rest of the face ends with a line on the other side, going down. 

Draw the nose. Here, the girl’s nose is a little squiggly, triangular shape. The first line is drawn going downwards. Then, draw a sharp line upwards, and continue with a curved line. 
     Draw the Eyes. First, start with the upper eye lines. Usually, depending on the where the nose faces, that’s where you start drawing the first line. Here, since the nose seems to be facing (rather, shadowing) the character’s left side, I start drawing on that side. Start the eye line from the inside of the face goin outwards. Do the other eye line from the out going in. 
Continue drawing so. 
Draw the ears. You can start from either side of the face: it doesn’t really matter. But start from the top, going down.
Draw the hair… but not all yet. Just draw the part which divides the face from the rest of the head, such as this.
Draw the head line. This is the boundary of your anime character’s head. This is very helpful in deciding where to place the outer lines of the hair/head.
Draw the rest of the hair. By using the head line, you can tell exactly how much hair to put above it.
Draw the neck. If you want, you may draw the mouth first, but I usually draw the neck first… I dunno why… just instinct I guess. First, draw the two lines for the neck, followed by the collar bone line, the shoulder blades, then the throat line. 
Finally, if you haven’t drawn the mouth yet, do so now. Then you’re ready to draw the rest of the body.