Practice Makes Perfect!

Practice Makes Perfect!

I’m sure that if any of you
are like me, you have gigabytes
of artistic Jpegs and art books lining your shelves of your favorite
from many different artists all over the world.
That is good.  As
your imagination
takes off on its own course, it’s great to know what you like.  That is inspiration for

A great exercise when you want to
doodle, or perhaps build
into a habit, is to go through different photographs, paintings,
drawings, or
any form of artwork.  While
through various pictures, focus in on parts you struggle with, or what
parts of
the composition you love.

If you are having trouble creating
the perfect eye, for
instance, look through pictures and focus in on the eyes.  If one in particular
catches your attention,
take a minute to draw it.  Set
the eye up
as if you were drawing it from scratch using your source of inspiration
as a
reference.  Perhaps
you’ll make changes
as you see fit—that’s a great sign of uniqueness.  Just don’t trace!  You won’t learn
much by tracing.    


And who doesn’t, at some point,
have trouble with
hands?  Knowing how
to treat each finger
and thumb while in different positions can take quite some time.  So, flip through pictures
and focus on hands
and make quick sketches.


This type of practice can even be applied to
more broad
topics such as poses.  You
can make a
sketch of a wire-frame skeleton (ie, a detailed, proportionally-correct
figure) of certain characters posing in different ways.


This method can be applied to practically

There are many ways to hone your
skills—copying others may
not fit your style, even if you’re not taking credit for

Just remember:
makes perfect!
 Or at the very least, it can get
you where you want to go.

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