Girls Head (Profile)

This is an original post by The Animaster in 2003

This is a quick way to draw a girl’s head, sideview. Although sideviews are rarely used, the more common being used is an angled view… but more on that later (check out theĀ Drawing and Coloring Tipssection on ‘Angled Views‘).
Draw the nose. Make it a slightly upturned one, a curved line, which ends with a sharp line angling down inwards.
Draw the mouth. This is made up of small, curved lines, forming the lips.
Draw the chin. Start with a straight line from the lower lip, slanting slight inward. It may be more or less parallel to the nose line, but never exceed the angle too much. Then, make a rounded line for the chin, and continue with a curved line. Practice makes perfect, so try to estimate just how long to make these lines.
Draw the ear. This is a simple task, but try drawing it at the right size and in the right place. The ear should be aligned with the eyes (heck… we ain’t GOT the eyes here yet…ooops). Anyway, since you don’t have the eyes yet, try to picture where the eyes will go. The ear should be one eye distance apart from the eyes, so make space for an imaginary ‘eye’ too for that distance.
Draw the eyes. Well, in this case, THE eye. Start drawing the upper eye line first. Then Draw the lower eye line. Add the eye, which, in this view, would be a very narrow elipse. Afterwards, add the eyelashes by darkening the upper and lower eye lines. Then add the eyebrows.
Start drawing the hair. But don’t draw eveything yet. Start by drawing the hair, so that you’ll have a boundary between the hair and the character’s face. Like so.
Draw the head line. This is a very important line. It’s used to determine the boundaries of the head, so you’ll know where to place the rest of the hair
Draw the rest of the hair. Now you see the importance of the head line? Now you know how much above you’ll place the hair.
Draw the neck. Here, I first drew the two neck lines. Then I added the collar bone line and the throat line. Afterwards I finished the drawing with a little shoulder blade line and erased the head line.


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