Girls Body (Front)

This is an original post by The Animaster in 2003

Okey Hentai Lovers, keep your eyes in their sockets, and your tongue off the ground! Geez, it’s only THIS. Well, actually, the first few steps don’t show the clothes… but I don’t add the details either! So let’s all be social, as this is only a tutorial to show you how to draw the body. It’s up to you, the artist for the final finishing touches.
Draw the head, the neck, and part of the shoulders. You can find details on these here.
Draw the breasts. Did I say breasts? Oh gee. Oh gee. Start each at an end, draw a small line, and break it off with a circle.
Draw the body and the hips. Draw the body with curved lines going down, and then start the hips, curving from them. Some Tips: The overall body size (breasts and the body lines, excluding the hips) should be equal to or slightly bigger than the head. Well, try it. Also, the width of the hips, make it equal with the width of the upper body (at the breasts). Geez, I should say that word less often…
Determine how high up the legs go. I call this the “G” area. Don’t ask me why. Anyway, you can determine how far up the legs go by sort of ‘extending’ the body lines, a bit offset to the original lines (the two lines you used to create the body). Then, just find the intersection, and end it there.
Draw the legs. As of now, as you can see, I’m not too good at it. All I can tell you is that they’re a bunch of contoured lines. Watch out for the knee though. Be sure you put a definite contour for the knee, otherwise your character will look like paper (huh?!). Try to create a shapely butt. Anime girls have cute bottoms. As for the legs, don’t make them too fat. At least try not too. But even we artists sometimes have THAT problem. Also try to get the length of the legs right. Although there are people with varying proportions to their leg length.
Draw the arms. Start by drawing a curve from the shoulders. Extend the curve into a line that goes down: stop at the waist line. Make another line to complete the upper arm, stop at the waistline again. The reason why you should stop at or near the waistline is because that’s where the elbow line is. This is so you don’t draw the arm too long. Otherwise you’re character will look ape-like (hahahahaha). I’ve made that mistake quite a few times already. Anyway, continue drawing the arm: just remember though, that the arm shouldn’t extend past the mid thigh (middle of the upper leg). That’s where the hand should end: at the mid thigh (or slightly below).
Draw the feet. Add a little extension to the legs, tapering it down to the feet. Then draw the feet. Practice on the size of the feet. Do this as well as the hands. The thing is, I really can’t tell you much on how to draw hands and feet, cause even I’m not good at those things. My advice for you now is to practice drawing your own hands and feet. Do a lot of sketch work. This goes for the clothes as well…
Draw any details. Ahem. THIS is the only detail I’m drawing for now
Draw the clothes. Don’t leave the poor girl without them. Even an artist should feel what his or her creation feels. But if you’d rather not, I’m not giving out tips on how to draw any ‘details’. For clothes, think of anything. Get your ideas from the styles people around you are in. But if you live in a weird neighborhood, try to think of something else. I’m not yet good at drawing the folds in clothing… but when I have time to sketch enough
Erase the guidelines (unnecessary lines now) and add a few other lines like shirt creases, folds or shoe details. You may also add shading or color. Afterwards, you’re finished.


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