Male Eyes

Originally created by Sarah Franks.

STEP ONE. Draw a curved line. This line
will serve as the top lash line.
STEP TWO. Draw a second curved line
underneath the top lash line, making a bump on the left side to create a
lemon shape. Keep the right side rounded and let the two lines
STEP THREE. Close off the bump in the
lemon shape to create the tear gland, and draw two lines above and below
the lash lines. These are the skin creases; for best results, follow the
contour of the lash line.
STEP FOUR. Draw a three-quarter circle,
not letting the bottom of the circle touch the bottom lash line. Inside
the circle, draw two more smaller, overlapping ones, which will eventually
become the pupil and highlight.
STEP FIVE. Fill in the pupil and darken
the top lash line slightly, putting the most emphasis in the middle.
Except in the case of drag queens, most men do not wear eyeliner, so be
sure not to darken it too much or it won’t look realistic.
STEP SIX. Above the eye, create the
eyebrow. Men’s eyebrows tend to be bushier and longer than women’s,
meaning there will be more stray hairs. Create short strokes in the
direction away from the nose; if you like, you can add stray hairs at the
innermost part of the eyebrow and underneath or on top of the brow as
STEP SEVEN. Here we will draw the eyelashes. As much as they hate to admit it, men do have them, though they are extremely subtle. In a full portrait, it is usually unnecessary to draw eyelashes on men, but if you are doing a close-up
image, this part is needed for the realism. Draw short, simple lines on the top lash and bottom crease. Don’t make them too long. A good rule of thumb for drawing eyelashes on the top lash line is to not allow them to extend past the crease and not to draw them past the middle of the
STEP EIGHT. First shade the tear gland, then fill in the iris. The way I recommend doing it is to darken the outer edge and make a gradient effect from dark to light towards the center. Add darker flecks or linear shapes throughout the iris to make the eyes appearreal. If you are drawing lighter eyes, just lighten the
STEP NINE. Now add shading to create
depth. Make sure to shade below and above both crease lines and especially shading to the top and sides of the white of the eye. Many people forget to shade the white of the eye, making the eyes appear flat and


Congratulations! You can now easily make
realistic male eyes. Always remember, however, that eyes are like fingerprints
in that no person’s eyes are exactly the same as another’s. Experiment with eye
shapes, sizes, and colors!

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