Drawing Heads

Guest post by Sarah Yim

1. First draw a V-like structure starting from the left
to create the
and cheeks.

2. Then draw an egg-like shape for the right eye and
draw a little more than half of that for the left eye because she is being
drawn from a sort of side view. In my style, I outline the eyes to make it
look darker. (Girls look better with that, in my opinion.)

3. Over the newly formed eyes, border the eye with part
of an oval with a small buffer in between.  This serves as the upper
4.Draw the eyelashes starting from the eye downward
then out to give a sort of “I don’t care” look, but don’t forget
to make it sort of curve up because eyelashes were meant to keep things
out of the eye from above. The lower eyelashes should be slightly shorter.
5. When you draw the eyeballs you can make her look
like she’s looking up, down, left, right, straight out of the picture, or
surprised depending on her position and how you draw the eyes. In this
case she’s looking straight forward at you. For the left eye’s pupil draw
a downward curve like this:
. For the right pupil draw
an almost enclosed circle like this:
The eyebrows are arched.
6.For the nose it should be closer to the left eye
because you are drawing her facing a little to the left. Draw a little
downward curve to the left and then a downward curve to the right creating
a sort of acute angle like this:

7. The mouth starts right under the nose (for this view
of the person.) The mouth has the two points at the top
so you draw a sort of M. The bottom part of the bottom lip is just a
curve. Drawing the ear is like drawing a backwards c. Make sure it’s
connected to the face.
8. You can draw the neck however you like as long as
it’s closer to the right side of the jaw. For me, I personally start
drawing the bangs or the front part of the hair. Use a lighter shade so
you would end up with volume to the hair i think.
10. Next,
create the outline of the hair for which you will work off of later.
11. Make sure you draw all the light shades before
moving on to darker shades if you do this on the computer because you
wouldn’t want to go back or it would usually ruin the hair.
12. The darker parts of the hair would be the parts
that are behind another section of the hair or the top where the line that
separates the hair is. You can shade the eyes however you chose.

From there, I completed the figure.  I’m not going into that here.